Festival du Chamanisme

Circle of Wisdom of the Union of Ancestral Traditions

2016 Musical Work Award

Award issued to Tupaq Sonqo Tupaq Sonqo is musician, sono-therapist, artisit and filmmaker. After several years of experiencing with Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls and other…
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How to come in Genac

To come to the 2017 Shamanism Festival The closest big city from the festival location ( La Touche de Genac) is Angoulême, 26 km away. (Click on…
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Thank you for your enthusiam, the registrations are closed for this year.

The Shaman’s dream

The film du 9th Gathering, made by Christiane Ballan, is available for all of you who couldn’t participate to the event. You can order the…
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On site restauration

This year, various foods will be available on site at reasonable prices. A large restauration tent of 300 m2 with tables and chairs is at…
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